Celebrate Rakshabandhan with Unique Plant Gifts

Plants are the best gifts as they are everlasting, cherish able, something to care about and nurture and also spread positivity and happiness while making homes naturally beautiful and healthy.

But your sister’s gifts have to be unique. To make it this way you have to understand that it is not just the object which defines the gift. But the emotions and love you convey. They have to deliver the appropriate message which would make your sister happy.

We will achieve this. Let’s start with the plant recommendation which would look aesthetically great in your sister’s room and also have health benefits which would make a perfect gift.

Unique Plant Gifts for Rakshabandhan-TUG

Consider these plants:

1. Ficus Bonsai: Ficus Bonsai is a beautiful miniature plant with bulging stems at the base and leaves on branches coming out of it. It literally looks like a small tree which makes it look stunning. It also grows lush green leaves and becomes a little bushy and dense which adds to its aesthetics. It is a natural and highly effective purifier. The pollutants released by carpets, vinyl, ceramics and other building materials are reduced by this plant. Beauty and benefits!

2. Jade Plant: Jade grows lovely little thick waxy leaves. The leaves are stiff and shiny with bright green color and makes it looks like a synthetic art. People get surprised upon realizing that it is a natural living and breathing being. It becomes bushy and grows many such leaves which makes the indoor space look like a mini garden which looks extremely beautiful and highly full filling.

3. Aglaonema: This plant is shiny and has wax coating which reflects sunshine and is proved by NASA to be a natural air purifier. They plan to take it to space for it purifying properties. It gives indoor spaces a brighter look its leaf patterns add to interior decor. This might be a perfect gift.

4. Bunny Cactus: Smallest plant on our consideration list, adorable mini cactus which can be grown on table as well. It can easily replace any goody kept on your table and also it is natural! It is small and easy to maintain, requires very less water to grow and would not mess up your table. A perfect gift!

Now that we have taken care of what can be gifted, now it is time to concentrate on packaging and give small but significant touches to make it unique. At The Urban Greens the plants are healthy and have the best looks their specie can have. The soil in which the plants are grown is professionally maintained with nutrients and minerals which gives exceptional quality to the plant. The plants are grown by professional botanists and the nurseries are maintained by experts who replicate the prefect growing conditions for the plants.

Green Gifts by The Urban Greens is concept which makes gifts unique and 100% eco friendly. The packaging is innovative and natural organic ingredients are used. The package contains premium nutrient rich soil, highly and naturally fertile cocopeat and decorative pebbles which makes the gift pleasant and attractive while giving out vibes of natural gardens.

Jade Plant Gift for Rakshabandhan-TUG

But the most unique thing which stands out is the automatic self-watering pot. This pot is uniquely designed for every plant and nourishes accordingly and accurately. Pot for each specie is programmed for maintaining respective ideal condition.

Secret tips are included which are key to the health of the plant and its nourishment. The instructions are written on a seed paper which can be planted afterwards making the gift all the more alluring.

And the most important fact, the packaging is done with natural materials and is innovative so that it makes your sister feel that she has gotten a piece of nature itself which makes it all the more precious. The packaging is green and is not at all harmful for the environment and is organic.

The whole package is combined with traditionally appropriate chocolates and goodies for Rakshabandhan and this makes the gift complete.

Just select the gift you want and customize it according to your choice leave adding unique touch to us.

Have a happy and green nature wholesome Rakshabandhan!

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