Best 5 Indoor Plant Gifts for Sisters this Rakshabandhan

Celebrated on full moon day of Sravana, Rakshabandhan is a festival which the love of brother and sister. Sisters tie us Rakhis to protect us brothers from all the evil influences and wish for our lifelong happiness.

Us brothers, in turn show our love by giving them gifts. It is fact that sisters love plants. They love to create indoor gardens and prefer natural beautifiers to decorate their rooms and windows.

Within Rakhis reside their sacred feelings of well wishes. So it is our job to equivalently convey our love with our gifts. There is no better way to do this with the gift of nature and the gift of life.

So here are 5 best indoor plants you should consider giving your sisters:

1. Peace Lily:

It has a stunning name to start with, best for the occasion. Peace Lily is considered as a symbol of peace, calm and tranquility. Its dark green bushy leaves radiate feeling of content and satisfaction.

This plant doesn’t have just a stunning name, but also stunning advantages. It was experimented by NASA and is proven to purify air. It removes harmful toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

This plant is also best known to tackle dry environments by making air moist which means you are taking care of your skin naturally!

The fact that it grown lush green and occasional white leaves makes it perfect home decorator. This is why it makes it to our list.

Peace Lily Indoor Plant
2. Zamia ZZ:

The reason why we think this should be on our list is because this plant is most popular on our socials. Its pattern of growing leaves makes it very picturesque and a popular across socials especially Instagram. This plant is best for beginners as it is very low maintenance and doesn’t need any special soil.

The plant is best for indoors. Its waxy dark green leaves reflect sunlight making it best suitable for homes and offices. This plant might be the best addition to your sister’s plant collection and also the best one if she intends to start growing plants.

Zamia Zz Indoor Plant
3. Agloenema:

Agloenema is one of those rare plants with most beautiful leaf patterns. It grows in varying colours and the pattern upon its leaves is no less than interior design art.

This plant is on our list as it is an instant eye catcher and is among the most loved plants among plants enthusiasts.

This plant, just like its looks, has great advantages. It falls in NASA’s top ten air purifying plants list. It is proven to effectively remove benzene and formaldehyde from air which has made it a space traveler. Scientists plan to grow it in space due to this trait.

Its beautifying trait and its advantages makes it include in our list too.

Agloenema Indoor Plant

4. Sygonium:

If your sister loves indoor plants which grow into lush green, dense, and bushy leaves, then this is the plant she would want. This plant has adorable looks with heart shaped leaves that grow into climbers with great growth patterns which complements every style of interior decor.

It absorbs carbon dioxide and is easy to grow. This is why this plant makes it to our list.

Sygonium Indoor Plant
5. Money Plant:

This plant, needless to say, is one of the most popular plants in the indoor and outdoor plant world and can be considered a veteran since it has been around for the longest time.

Traditionally, it is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to our homes. It grows in water too which makes it amphibious.

This plant grows fast and is a climber which naturally turns your window grills into amazing art work. It has the most amount of flexibility towards growing patterns and designing walls. This is why it is extensively used by designers, as they can give it their own touch by growing it into any pattern and shape possible. It is best suitable for bio walls and grows fast and bushy.

Money Plant - TUG

It is impossible for a plant with so much significance and design abilities to escape our list!

So these were the best plants your sister would love this Rakshabandhan.

Happy and Green Rakshabandhan to all our lovely brothers and sisters.

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